For the Love of Toronto

I love Toronto.  I was born and raised in Toronto.  Yes, Toronto has crime and traffic congestion and problems with its public transit.  But what city does not have these problems?  I love Toronto with all its warts.

Go anywhere outside Toronto and you hear people say, “I hate Toronto.  I hate Toronto.”  This hatred of Toronto goes across Canada.  I briefly lived in Vancouver, British Columbia.  When people found out that I was from Toronto, they would say, “No offense, but I hate Toronto.”

People hating Toronto does not bother me.  I respect freedom of speech and thought.

The Toronto Raptors, the only National Basketball Association (NBA) team in Canada, is in the NBA Finals.  They are competing with the Golden State Warriors, from Oakland, California, for the NBA Championship.

How come people outside Toronto, and across Canada, are not saying how much they hate Toronto?

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