Back On Facebook

I reactivated my Facebook account.  I never planned to do so.  I did it on a whim.  Out of nowhere, a voice in my head said, “Why don’t you reactivate your Facebook account?”  And so I did. (I always listen to the voices in my head since I don’t exist.)

It has been five years since my last post on June 26, 2014.  I did not realize that I had been “deactivated” that long.  Several of my friends have died during these five years.  I will not expect to see them posting on their Timelines, or Liking my posts.

During my “deactivation,” a friend maintained a Facebook Page on which I posted.  But as a Page, I could not accept Friend Requests or see Friends’ posts.

I do not know why the voice in my head told me to reactivate my account.  But I enjoy doing things on a whim.  I love spontaneity — especially when I can plan it.

And now, on a whim, I will end this.

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I am Minnie and Chic's son.