Some Reflections on Canada Day

Canada Day.  So, what are we celebrating?  One hundred and fifty-two years of possessing stolen land?

Is there any land, on this planet, that is in possession of its rightful owner?

Before Canada was stolen from the native people, these natives killed each other and stole land.  There was always a fight for possession of the watering hole. It is a myth that they lived peacefully before the settlers showed up.

Human history is rife with human beings killing each other and stealing land.  No matter how advanced human technology gets, humans still behave in the savage ways they did before they invented the wheel.  The only difference is that now humans have more sophisticated and civilized ways of killing each other, and, of course, more sophisticated and civilized ways of stealing land.

For 152 years, we Canadians have gotten away with possessing stolen land.  Is that a reason to celebrate?

Let us hope that some international police force does not arrest us and charge us with Possession of Stolen Property.   But more so, let us hope that no one comes along and steals Canada from us.

Happy Canada Day!


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