Yvonne Moore

(One of Yvonne’s Facebook Profile pictures)

On June 26, 2019, Yvonne Moore left this world for the Greater Good.  Her daughters posted the news of Yvonne’s death on her Facebook Timeline on July 1.  They did not give the cause of death.

Yvonne was an actor and singer.  I met her many years ago on a movie set.  I also went to the clubs when she sang.  Sometimes she performed with my brother Ron, a jazz bassist.

In November, 2006, Yvonne and my brother Ron starred in a show I wrote and produced called, Yvonne, Ron, and Gary: A Singer, Musician, and Funny Bone Technician.  Yvonne and Ron provided the music, and I performed comedy.

I kept in contact with Yvonne over the years.  I would always send her an email on September 22 for her birthday.

I never knew how old Yvonne was, but I figured that she was only a few years older than I was.  It was upon her death that I learned that Yvonne was a lot of a few years older.  She never looked her age and had such incredible energy.  She must have been drinking from the Fountain of Youth.

Everyone loved Yvonne. She was a gentle soul.



      I will think about you—especially on September 22.  And I will send you an email wishing you a happy birthday if I can find out your new email address.  Godspeed.”


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