Big Brother Is Watching

On June 30, I went on Google to look up weighted sleep masks.  I ended up ordering a Gravity Weighted Sleep Mask from Indigo Books and Music.  (A bookstore selling sleep masks?  What does that tell you?)  At no time—I repeat—at no time did I look for or mention weighted sleep masks on Facebook.  From Google, I went to the Indigo website and ordered a Gravity Weighted Sleep Mask.


Gravity Weighted Sleep Mask

Within hours of me placing an order for a Gravity Weighted Sleep Mask on the Indigo website, I received ads for the Gravity Weighted Blanket on my Facebook newsfeed.


Gravity Weighted Blanket

Why do I see ads for a Gravity Weighted Blanket on Facebook, when I used Google to order a Gravity Weighted Sleep Mask on the Indigo website?

Everything on the Internet is like Big Brother from George Orwell’s 1984.  No matter what you do or where you go, Big Brother is watching.

The permission windows that pop up on websites, asking for permission to use cookies or know your location, are for show.  Big Brother will use cookies and know your location, whether or not you give him permission.  An August, 2018 article in The Guardian reported that Google stores your location even when you have not given permission for it to do so.

Big Brother is always watching.  No matter what you do or where you go, Big Brother knows.

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