Transcript of a Facebook Messenger Scam

My friend Keith and I have known each other from when the Big Bang was still a Little Bang. Keith is white, and I am black.  Color has never been an issue, but it is essential to know this only to understand my reply at the beginning of the exchange between Fake Keith and me.  At that point, I still thought that I was messaging my friend Keith.

I realized that it was not Keith when Fake Keith mentioned the Powerball Lottery.  Also, the spelling and grammar was a giveaway.  My friend Keith is dumb, but he is not that dumb.

Fake Keith sent the first message on Monday, July 8th, at 6:14 pm.  I did not see it until Tuesday midnight/Wednesday morning.

I thought it odd that Keith had sent me a message, via Messenger, because he usually sends texts to my cell phone.  But I had recently reactivated my Facebook account and figured Keith wanted to send me messages.  I thought that he had not figured out how to do it through Facebook, so he created a Messenger account without Facebook.  That is what it said at the beginning of Fake Keith’s first message.

When I realized that it was not Keith, I played along to see where the scam was going.  I stopped responding after Fake Keith sent me a link, but decided to send a scam GIF after Fake Keith asked whether I had messaged the claim agent.

Fake Keith’s messages are in red, and mine are in blue:


Keith Fleming, Using Messenger without Facebook, Account was recently created

MON 6:14 PM

Hello how are you doing?

WED 12:00 AM

Just seeing this now.

WED 5:28 AM

Am so happy for the new blessing i have, guess what?

You found out that you are black?

Did you heard about the powerball Lotterry?

In the U.S.? Yes.

It’s a new program and is not yet be announced publicly , they are using this for some few Some Facebook user’s name are chosen in automated random data base,where i got $200,000,I saw your screen name on the list. So i thought i would see if you’ve gotten it yet?

No, not yet. Good for you!

You have to contact the claim agent because your Facebook page name is also among those winner

[Link given ending in name Bobby Williams]

Here is the claim agent link just click on the link and message him you are ready to claim your winning money

Wow!  Thx.

I look forward to hear good news from you soon. Just be honest with them and do all what they tell you to do . Remember that “Opportunity knocks but once”. I wish you the best. Keep me informed about it. Good luck

WED 5:47 AM

Have you message the claim agent yet ?


Nice try.



How surprising that Fake Keith replied with “Okay” after I sent the scam GIF with the words, “Nice try.”  Was “Okay” his way of acknowledging defeat?

Fake Keith would not have wasted his time trying to scam me if he knew my financial situation.  Money and I are like Donald Trump and diplomacy.  My bank account has cobwebs.

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