Celebrating Yvonne’s Life


A celebration of Yvonne Moore’s life took place on Saturday, July 20th.  Yvonne died June 26th, but Yvonne’s sister needed time to come to Toronto from California.

What a wonderful celebration!  Yvonne’s daughters and sister spoke along with two of Yvonne’s friends.  Joanna Jordan, a harpist, performed the music.

(This was the first time I attended a funeral where a harpist played the music.  How odd that more funerals do not have a harpist providing the music given the harp’s association with Heaven and angels.)

Through the memories shared, we learned that Yvonne was an experienced horse rider and a dressmaker. We also learned that she was invited to Paris, France, in 2016, by her fans there to give a concert.  She had quite a following in France because of her records.

In 1996, the doctors diagnosed Yvonne with multiple sclerosis (MS).  She prayed to God for a cure.  Yvonne’s daughter said that Yvonne heard a voice inside her say, “You are healed.”  And she was.  The doctors could find no trace of MS in subsequent tests.  Without any treatment, Yvonne was cured of MS.  She referred to it as her miracle.  Indeed it was.

A cure was not the case for Yvonne’s colon cancer which she had the last fourteen months of her life.

To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under Heaven:  A time to be born and a time to die . . . 

Yvonne had a heavenly glow about her during her final weeks in the hospital.  The doctors and nurses commented on this glow and her peaceful, radiant smile.

Yvonne reported hearing beautiful music. No one else heard this music until the day before she died.  Her daughter said that she heard music, along with her mother, in the hospital room.  According to her daughter, the music sounded close and far away at the same time.

Wow!  Skeptics claim that dying people hear and see things that are not real.  How would skeptics explain a healthy person having the same hallucination as a dying person?

A book on Buddhism, I read years ago, listed the following quote as a “Buddhist saying.”  I have seen other versions online of this same quote attributed to other sources:

When we are born, we cry and the world rejoices.  And when we die, the world cries and we rejoice.

Happy rejoicing, Yvonne!







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