Damn Things

They say, “Life is one damn thing after another.”

Life should be like a DVD that we can Pause while we deal with the “damn thing” that just happened.  Once we have dealt with the “damn thing,” we could resume our lives by pressing Play until the next “damn thing” comes along.  But life is not like that.

A “damn thing” happens to us.  We deal with it and then another “damn thing” comes along.  How nice to have some space between one “damn thing” and another.  But a lot of the times there is no space.  One “damn thing” happens to us.  We start to deal with it when a second “damn thing” happens.  Okay, so now we are dealing with two “damn things” when a third “damn thing” comes along.  And there are no guarantees that a fourth “damn thing” won’t happen while we are dealing with the other three.  And no matter how many “damn things” we are dealing with, we still have to handle the everyday issues of ordinary life.

We get down and depressed and overwhelmed.  How will we ever get through it all?  How will we ever survive?  But if we can hang in there, then somehow we will get through it.  Somehow we will survive.

We survive all the “damn things” that life throws at us.  We survive because the human spirit is invincible.

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