A Little Black Humor II

I have blogged about a friend who shares my sense of humor.  We can joke about any “taboo” subject and not worry about offending anyone.  Nothing is sacred.

In my previous blog,  I mentioned how he came up with inscriptions for his tombstone.  He could not decide which one to use:

1 – An arrow on his tombstone pointing to the next grave with the words, “I’m with stupid.”

2 – Inscription:  I’m losing weight.  Ask me how.

3 – Inscription:  Don’t tell my wife that I am here.

I met with Bryan recently.  (He permitted me to use his name.)  Once again, we joked about death.

Bryan produced a ticket with the number 77 on it.  It was from a Take-A-Number System.  Bryan said that he wanted me to make sure that he was holding this ticket while lying in his coffin.  He told me to hang a sign above his coffin,  Now Serving Number 77.

Bryan’s mother is in palliative care, and we are both losing longtime friends to the Grim Reaper.  Joking about death takes some of its sting away.

I asked Bryan whether he had decided what he wanted on his tombstone.  He said he chose to go with Inscription #3 – Don’t tell my wife that I am here.

Bryan says that he is in good health, and is not expecting to die soon.  But, who knows?  Life is full of surprises.

I hope Bryan will not be angry with me if I do not put the sign up over his coffin because I died before him.



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