John Evans: What A Celebration!

John Franklin Evans (1943 – 2019)

We celebrated John’s life on Sunday October 6th, at the Yorke Chapel of the Turner and Porter Funeral Home.  It was standing room only!

Calling funerals “Celebrations of Life” is an attempt to make funerals uplifting.  Often funerals are not uplifting because ministers and priests will go on and on and on about Jesus and God with less time devoted to the deceased who is the star of the show.  Sometimes ministers and priests will use the funeral to preach conversion to those attending.  This behavior makes for a long, drawn-out funeral service.

John’s “Celebration of Life” was pure celebration.  The service lasted an hour and fifteen minutes, but it did not seem that long.  It did not seem long at all.

One after another, John’s relatives and friends got up and shared memories of John through speeches, poems, and music.  We laughed, cried, clapped, and sang—all in celebration of John’s life.  Not once was Jesus or God mentioned.  Not once were there readings from the Bible.  Yet this was one of the most spiritual services I have ever attended.

Let us use the word “Love” for God since the word “God” has many connotations that are not all positive.

John’s “Celebration of Life” was spiritual because Love was there.  Love came through the heartfelt words and music of John’s family and friends.  Love came through our laughter and tears.  There was so much Love at that service that although we were sad, we could not help but feel uplifted when we left at the end.

Like John, his “Celebration of Life” was an original.  What a wonderful send-off for a man so well-loved.

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