No Matter Who You Vote For . . .

When Justin Trudeau was in Opposition, before being elected prime minister in 2015, he criticized Prime Minister Stephen Harper for his treatment war veterans, and the pipeline in Alberta.  Trudeau was against the pipeline.

Trudeau was elected, and he treated the war veterans the same as Harper.  Trudeau also changed his position on Alberta’s pipeline.  He was now in favor of the pipeline.

When a party gets in power, it will make a few changes to give the appearance of being different.  But, for the most part, this party will carry on like the previous government.

Another thing the newly-elected party will do is go further in debt.  Conservative or Liberal does not matter.  The ruling party always goes further in debt.  In spite of the budget cuts,  it still goes further in debt.

The current Conservative government in Ontario complained about the previous Liberal government’s spending and debt.  Yet the Conservative government is making budget cuts, and is spending more than the previous Liberal government.

What difference does it make which party is in power if they all go further in debt?  Who is going to pay this debt?  Santa Claus?

No matter who you vote for, the government always gets in.

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