Dumping Poop on People

Toronto Police arrested Samuel Opoku, 23, for dumping poop on people.  The incidents occurred at Toronto and York universities.

Police seized the bucket used in the most recent incident, and turned it over to “forensic investigators.”  Since nothing is assumed in court, and everything has to be proved, the “forensic investigators” will examine the bucket.  Then the investigators will submit a report stating whether the substance inside the bucket was poop, and whether it matched the poop found at the crime scene.

So, why would Opoku want to dump poop on people — specifically university students?  Was he trying to prepare the students for when they graduate and get a job?  Do Opoku’s actions not reflect what management does to workers?

And what about Opoku’s trial?  It could be a long one.  At one point, during the lengthy trial, Opoku could put his hand up and say, “Excuse me, Your Honor, but I have to poop.”



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