Poor White People!

Poor white people!  They are the only racists in the world — that is according to the media.  You never hear or read about non-whites being racists.  You never hear or read about non-whites or minorities being criticized for their views or actions.  If they are criticized, then it is done very carefully so as not to evoke “racism.”  Such care is not taken when criticizing whites.  It is open season on white people with no holds barred.  What a double standard!

I cannot remember the last time I was discriminated against by a white person.  But I can give you countless examples of incidents — countless! — where a “brown person” was racist towards me.

(When I say “brown person,” I am referring to a person from India.  It is probably racist to call Indians “brown people,” but I cannot be racist because I am not white.)

I had the brown manager at the Shoppers Drug Mart at Dufferin and Eglinton not allow me to take my bag into the public washroom.  He said that it was against the rules.  But just after me, another employee allowed a white man to take his bag into the washroom.  When I asked the brown manager about this he said, “Oh, that employee does not know about the rule.”

I have used the washrooms in many Shoppers Drug Marts throughout Toronto, and the one at Dufferin and Eglinton was the only one with the no-bag-in-the-washroom rule.

I had a brown cashier purposely not serve me at the Courtesy Desk in the Loblaws at Empress and Yonge.  She made me wait while she served other people.  And then when it finally became my turn she said, “Sorry, I’m on a break now.”  She laughed as she walked away.

The most recent example of a brown person discriminating against me happened yesterday.  It was at the lottery kiosk at the bus level of the York Mills subway station.  I went in there to claim five dollars on a lottery ticket.  I knew I had won five dollars because I had checked the ticket before.  But the brown lady put my ticket into her machine sideways and said that I did not win anything.  When I asked her about putting the ticket in lengthwise, she said that it was only supposed to go into the machine sideways.  She told me that I would have to go to another lottery kiosk because she could not verify that mine was a winning ticket.

I went to a nearby lottery kiosk in the York Mills food concourse.  The lady there put my ticket into the machine lengthwise and not sideways.  Bingo!  I asked the lady whether she would ever check a ticket by putting it in sideways.  She said that the only way to check tickets was lengthwise.

I wanted to go back to the bus-level lottery kiosk and confront the brown lady, but I had to be somewhere and did not have the time.

What if I went to the Ontario Human Rights Commission?  Would they hear a case of a brown person discriminating against a black person?  Or would I be told, “Sorry, we are only concerned about cases of white people being racists since white people are the only racists in the world.”?

That great spiritual and political leader Mohandas Gandhi was racist towards blacks — at least in his early years.  Did he shed these racist beliefs as he progressed?  Apparently he did, but who knows?

A statue of Gandhi was taken down because of his racist views towards blacks.  It happened at the University of Ghana in 2018.

Wow!  A statue of a brown person — not white — was removed because the brown person was racist towards blacks?  There’s a first!

Does the Gandhi-statue removal mean that the media are on the way to reporting that racism is a human problem occurring in all races?

In the meantime, I am getting tired of experiencing racism from brown people.  Just for a little variety, I would not mind a white person being racist towards me.  I would thank this person for spicing up my life.





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