A Witty Reply

Once upon a time, I overheard someone give a witty reply to a specific question.  I filed this witty reply in my memory bank to use when someone asked me the same question.

Yesterday, I was walking south on Yonge Street towards the Eglinton Subway Station.  The corners of Yonge and Eglinton always have people wanting you to part with your money.  Some of these people are beggars, but most of them are street fundraisers.

The fundraisers work for charities raising money for anything from helping the fat cockroaches of Cowalia to losing weight, to saving warts on witches’ noses.

I saw a fundraiser, whose eyes locked on mine, as I was walking.  He approached me with a friendly-fake smile and asked me the question.

“Hi.  What’s going on?”

“I am,” I replied as I kept walking.



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