And Snow It Came To Pass



A snow-covered sidestreet in snow-covered Toronto, January 18, 2020

And snow it came to pass.  Actually, the snow came, but it did not pass.  And more snow came, and it did not pass.  And still, more snow came, and it did not pass.

The weather people were right.  They predicted a significant snowstorm for Saturday January 18th.  And so it came to pass.

Why weren’t the weather people wrong?  They have been wrong so many times before.  Why did they have to be right this time?  Why can’t the weather people be wrong when they predict bad weather, and right when they predict good weather?

Why doesn’t someone give me a banana plantation where it never snows?  I could spend the rest of my life eating the profits, and never having to worry about shoveling snow . . .

But I digress.

Snow fell, and I shoveled.  More snow fell, and I shoveled more.  And still, more snow fell, and I kept shoveling.

And all the while I shoveled the never-ending falling snow, I gave thanks for one thing:  I gave thanks that it was January and not July.

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