There Is No Need To Panic



“There is no need to panic,” say the authorities about the Coronavirus.  “We are closing everything down, but there is no need to panic.”

Is this a double message? Why close everything when there is no need to panic?  Do the authorities want us to panic?  We are easy to manipulate when we are afraid?

Rounding off the numbers, 8 billion people populate this planet.  Of this 8 billion (8,000,000,000), only 8 thousand (8,000)* have died from the Coronavirus.

Eight thousand deaths in a world of eight billion people.  Is this a cause for concern?  It is to the authorities and the fear mongers.

In Toronto, the authorities closed schools, libraries, restaurants, and other public places for three weeks.  Why three weeks?  What is going to be different after three weeks?  Is the Coronavirus going to disappear?  Will a vaccine, which the authorities say is a year away, magically appear?  Will nothing be different, and the authorities extend time for the closures?  Or will the authorities stop reporting cases of the Coronavirus?  Doing so would reduce the Coronavirus stats, and the authorities could say, “See?  We stopped the spread of the Coronavirus by closing everything down.”

Fear throws logic and reason out the window and under the bus.

Some of us are not afraid because we see from the numbers that there is no pandemic.  But that is only some of us.  Unfortunately, the majority of us have allowed fear to make us good sheep.  We ask no questions and believe everything the authorities tell us.

There is no need to panic.



* 8,000 deaths as of March 17th

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