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I belong to Beyond the Far Side, a General Facebook Group.  Group Description:

A group for daily laughs. Many of the posts will be Gary Larsen [sic] memes, or larsen [sic] based memes. many of the posts will just generic funnies, to put a smile on your face. [sic]

Gary Larson’s name is misspelled, in this description, and has been misspelled since I joined this group just after Noah built the Ark.

In the wee hours of Friday, March 27th, I shared a post to Beyond the Far Side from this blog and my  Facebook Timeline:

On the Beyong the Far Side’s Timeline, this post had 38 Shares, lots of Comments, and lots of Like and HaHa icons.

At 2:33 pm, on Friday, March 27th, I received a notification that the Group’s admin had removed the post because it violated Group Rules:

Group Rules That Were Violated

1  Posts must be humorous in nature.

We all feel for abused animals, and children in need, but please post that in the appropriate group. This group is only here to brighten up our days.

Humor is subjective.  I can understand someone looking at my post and saying, “That is not humorous in nature.”  But I do not understand how my post is connected to “abused animals and children in need.”  Also, I never knew that there were Facebook Groups for posts about abused animals and children in need.

In his cartoons, Gary Larson made many jokes about marriage.  Although not a Larson-like cartoon, my post fits in the Group Description under “generic funnies.”  I could come up with some jokes connecting marriage with abused animals, but the jokes would likely be in poor taste.

I sent a Facebook message to the admin, of Beyond the Far Side, asking why they removed my post.  I have yet to receive a reply.

Who knows?  I may never receive a reply.   And the connection between my post and “abused animals and children in need” may remain one of the greatest mysteries of the Universe.

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