They Are Done!

They are done.  My 2019 income taxes are on the way to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).  It is the earliest I have completed my income taxes.  Last year, I dropped them off at the CRA on April 30th, the deadline.  This year the government moved the deadline from April 30th to June 1st.  I completed my taxes by March 31st.

Why so early?

The government owes me a billion dollars.  The sooner I get my taxes in, then sooner I get my billion dollars.

Why so much?

I am a poor creative type.  Some would say poor in talent.  Others would say I receive poor payments for my talent.  I agree with those who say the latter.

Throughout the year, I made sure to pay too much income tax on the money I earned.  Paying too much income tax is a type of savings plan with the government. I get to withdraw my savings at tax time.

It is tax time. I hope the government sends me my money before the world ends.  How will I spend my billion dollars if the ending of the world causes businesses and stores to close?

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