Remembering a Kiss During My Years as a Pest


My sister is three years older than I am.  Her age does not make a difference now, but it did when I was 14 years old.  She and her girlfriends were 17.

I liked all of my sister’s girlfriends.  I used to hang around my sister and her girlfriends hoping her girlfriends would like me.  Naturally, they wanted nothing to do with me.  But this did not stop me from wanting to be around them hoping that they would change their minds.  I did not see myself as a pest, but they did.

One time, my sister and her friend Alice* were in my sister’s bedroom.  Alice was sitting in a round bamboo chair at the end of my sister’s bed.  My sister had asked me to leave numerous times, but I kept hanging around and hanging around and hanging around.  Finally, Alice said, “Would you leave if I give you a kiss?”  I could not say, “Yes!” fast enough.

Alice, who remained seated, gently grabbed my shirt under the collar.  Then she gently pulled my face down to hers, and gently pressed her lips against mine, and gently parted her lips, and gently slipped her tongue between my closed lips.

I did not know anything about kissing, whether in French or any other language.  My tongue remained in its place while her tongue gently moved back and forth and back and forth between my lips.  And then she gently let go of my shirt and moved her face away from mine.


Never mind Cloud 9, I was on Cloud 81!  I floated out of my sister’s bedroom, and glided down the hall.  I do not remember what happened after that.  I suspect that I found some privacy, and engaged in an activity that could have caused me to go blind.

Unfortunately, Alice’s kiss was a one-time offer.  Never again did Alice, or any other of my sister’s friends, offer to kiss me to get me to leave them alone.

I remained a “pest” to my sister and her friends until my sister moved out into an apartment.


*Name changed to protect me.

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