A Break from Facebook




For my Facebook (FB) friends, it may seem that I have blocked or unfriended you.  I did not.  I only deactivated my FB account.  I got tired of the 87 million notifications every time I logged on.  I would think, “I’ll only be 10 to 15 minutes,” and 87 million minutes later, I was still online.  (Get the feeling that the only way I know how to say “a lot” is “87 million”?)

The other day, I was not happy that I had spent 87 million minutes on FB.  My clothes had gone out of style while I was online.  I had planned to be on for only 5 minutes.  On impulse, I deactivated my FB account.

I love living my life on impulse!  My plans for any day always leave room for spontaneity.  Being “single” allows me to do what I want when I want to do it.  This selfish behavior would not be fair to my partner if I were in a relationship.  Also, if I were in a relationship, my conscience would not allow me the act this way.  But since there is only me and the voices in my head, I can do things on a whim.  The voices in my head never complain because I am usually doing what they tell me to do.

How long will I be off FB?  Eighty-seven million minutes?  Eighty-seven million months?  Eighty-seven million millennia?  Who knows?  I will reactivate my account when the mood hits me.

If you do not block or unfriend me, during my break, then our FB friendship will resume once I reactivate my account.  And then we can spend 87 million minutes, or more, together on FB thinking how we should be offline doing something else.

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