The Lighter Side of the Coronavirus


“Why did the Coronavirus cross the road?”


“To infect people on the other side?”

“But why would the Coronavirus want to infect people?”

“To give the media lots to talk about.”


“Knock.  Knock”

“Who’s there?


“THE Coronavirus?”


“There’s no one home.”


The Coronavirus walked into a bar, and the bartender said, “There’s no one home.”

“What?” said the Coronavirus.  “I just came from a knock-knock joke where there was no one home.”

“Must be a pandemic or something,” said the bartender.


So the Coronavirus got up and left the bar.  It saw Covid-19 and stopped to talk.  While the Coronavirus was talking to Covid-19, the police came along and charged both for not social distancing.


“What’s the difference between the Coronavirus and Covid-19?

“I dunno.”

“Covid-19 is the disease from the Coronavirus.  Covid-19 is an acronym for COronaVIrus Disease.  The nineteen is from 2019 since the virus started in late December 2019.  The official name for the Coronavirus is Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 or SARS-CoV2.  The two is because SARS-CoV2 is genetically like the virus that caused the first SARS outbreak of 2002.”

“Is this supposed to be funny?”



“Why did SARS-CoV2 cross the ocean?”


“So people in western countries would lose their freedoms and civil rights.”

“That’s not funny, either.”

“I know.”

“Can you end with or say something funny?”

“Something funny.”

“You know what I mean.”


After months of study, scientists discovered that it is impossible to practice social distancing and safe sex at the same time.


To stay healthy, avoid getting sick.


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