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The last time I watched porn, Donald Trump still had manners.  In other words, I was much younger and had an interest in such things.  Now that I am older, all sex means to me is M or F or choose your classification.

I disabled the camera on my computer many years ago.  I had received a notification from Linkedin:  Someone from the U.S. Defense Department viewed your profile.  Then, whenever I turned on my computer, the camera lens had a red light in its center indicating that it was on.  Was I being watched?

I have no idea why someone from the U.S. Defense Department would check my Linkedin profile.  And, was it a coincidence that my computer camera was on when I had not turned it on?

For the past several years, I have left my computer camera and microphone disabled.  Gavan Jitlal  (


Transfer $1000 in btc to the down below address:

Copy and paste it, and remove * from it. .

You might be questioning why the hell would you do that?

Very well, put together yourself simply because I am going to tremble your world today. I had a dangerous viruses infect your own personal computer and also record video clip of YOU (using your web camera) while you browsed ‘adult’ web sites. Here is one of your passcode GARYJOHNSTON

Still don’t believe me? Reply 3 and I will be randomly share your video with the people you recognize (Yes, We have access to your address book also). Right now, exactly what do I want to get this to entire thing vanish? Well, I have already pointed out the actual offer in starting of the mail. If you do not fulfill it within 24 hours, I am going to make your life horrible by sending that video to Everybody you know. Your time frame starts right now. [sic]


I wanted to send Gavin a reply stating, “Nice try.”  I hope his feelings are not hurt because I decided to ignore his email.

But do not let me ignoring Gavin stop any of you from sending him an email.  You might mention to him that he was cheated if he paid for English lessons.  Also, you might ask him how he is progressing with his fundraising campaign.

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