My Shaving Pot

My Shaving Pot

I love shaving!  I have said this before, and I am repeating it.  I love shaving!

When I shave, I become a little boy messing around with his daddy’s shaving stuff.  Not only do I shave my face, but I shave my head, too.  When I am all lathered up, I look as if I am wearing a white balaclava with a small rectangular space showing only my eyes and nose.

My shaving mug was a soup mug.  It had a 4-inch diameter (10.16 centimeters) and was 4 inches deep.  Using this mug was okay, but I wanted more room to muck around and whip up a rich lather.  So I used the bottom part of a water jug and a paper towel holder to make a plastic shaving mug.  This mug would match my plastic shaving stand made from a water bottle and paper towel holder.  But a voice in my head said, “The hot water you use to shave may melt the plastic.”  And so I abandoned the plastic shaving mug and bought a cooking pot.

Abandoned Plastic Shaving Mug



Shaving Stand made from a plastic water bottle and paper towel holders.

The pot has a 6.5-inch diameter (16.51 cms) and is 3 inches (7.62 cms) deep.  These dimensions give me the room I wanted to whip up a lather.  The pot’s long handle makes it easier to hold while I have fun.

Some would say that my bathroom’s decor is ruined because my shaving stand does not match my shaving pot.  A woman has already told me, “If you were with me, then you would not have this nonsense in my bathroom.  I would buy you a proper shaving stand with a proper shaving mug.”

Tell me, what does a little boy care about bathroom decor and proper shaving stands while he is having so much fun playing with his daddy’s shaving stuff?

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