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The Government of Canada has done a fantastic job of providing financial relief for those who cannot work because of Covid-19.  The Government acted quickly, saving many financial hardships. The Government of Ontario and Toronto City Council also responded quickly to lessen the difficulties of Covid-19.

There is, however, one area the Government of Canada, the Government of Ontario, and Toronto City Council have neglected during the lockdown: public washrooms.

When you are out for your necessary shopping trips and need a washroom?  Good Luck!  Public restrooms are as rare as poop that does not stink.  Restaurants are closed.  Libraries are closed.  Shopping malls are closed.  Public places with public washrooms are closed, closed, closed.  Even some stores that are allowed to remain open have closed their public washrooms.  Have the authorities forgotten about the process of elimination?


Dear Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Premier Doug Ford and Mayor John Tory,

     Please take immediate action to open more public washrooms.  Opening more public washrooms would provide relief for people whose bladder and bowels make going to the bathroom a full-time job.  Thank you.

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