Violating the Reddit Rules?

It has been over a year since I posted anything on  Since getting this website,, I have posted only on Facebook and Twitter.  I have ignored my Reddit and Imgur accounts.

How puzzling that Reddit sent me an email suspending my account.

You have 1 new message in your Reddit Inbox

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Important notification about your account

Your account has been permanently suspended for breaking the rules.

This account has been permanently closed. To continue using Reddit, please log out and create a new account (the username u/funnybonetechnician cannot be reused).

This is an automated message; responses will not be received by Reddit admins.


It said, “responses will not be received by Reddit admins,” but provided a box to reply.  I sent the following:


Uh?  What rules?  Since getting over a year ago, I have not posted anything on Reddit for over a year.  Perhaps NOT POSTING anything for a year is breaking a rule.  Who knows?  Who cares?

May you never smell as bad as I do.  Cheers! 

I was not expecting a response, but Reddit sent another “automated reply.”  In it, they gave a link and said that I could see what rules I violated by clicking the link.  I clicked on the link and saw that I had not put my last post, over a year ago, into a category.
Not putting a post into a category is a reason to suspend an account permanently?

A lot of companies and bureaucracies have people who have to justify their jobs through quotas.   Perhaps someone in Reddit’s Permanently Suspend Account Department was not making this month’s quota.  This person searched high and low for an account to suspend permanently.  What relief he or she felt upon finding my last post.  “Oh, look!  Funnybonetechnician did not categorize his last post over a year ago.  I will suspend his account permanently.”  Thus, he or she met this month’s quota.

Is this what happened?  I will repeat what I wrote in my reply, “Who knows?  Who cares?”


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