How To Talk To Narcissists

How to talk to narcissists?  You don’t.  You listen while they talk at you.  Try to speak, and they will interrupt you to continue their “I-I-I-I- Me-Me-Me-Me” speech.  If they do not interrupt you, then they will wait for you to stop talking so they can bring the conversation back to be about them.  It is always, always all about them.

I know several narcissists with whom I used to get frustrated.  I did not realize that they were narcissists.  I expected to have a conversation when engaging with them.  I would get frustrated with them continually interrupting me to talk at me about their greatness and their greatness and their greatness.  They had no interest in what I had to say unless I was talking about their greatness and their greatness and their greatness.  They would cut me off with words such as “Nevermind that” if I started talking about anything other than them.

Now that I know they are narcissists, I no longer get frustrated.  I do not try to have a conversation.  There is no point.  I half-listen, if I listen at all, while they talk at me.  And then when I have had enough of their greatness, I find some way of ending their monologue to escape.

So, my frustration came from my expectation that I was going to have a conversation.  No expectation of a conversation?  No frustration.

Anger and frustration always come from an unmet expectation.

And now a confession:  I used to be a narcissist.  But I decided that I wanted a healthier lifestyle, and became a vegetarian.


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