I love silence!  Some people will find this hard to believe.  Their ears have fallen off after being with me.  To cover my shyness, I talk and joke when I am with others.  But my preference is to be alone and silent.

My creative energy builds during silence.  And this energy does not deplete if I can stay silent.  No matter much I have, how quickly creative energy dissipates when I talk and socialize.

I do not have to go out to socialize.  Even a telephone call depletes creative energy.  I feel just as drained after a telephone call as I do after socializing.

I cope with life’s madness by crawling inside my head.  How easy to crawl inside my head during silence.  Telephone calls prevent silence.  With great effort, I could crawl inside my head after a telephone call, but to do so, I have to force the buildup of creative energy.

To force the buildup of creative energy, I read, draw, doodle, and color.  But even this takes effort.  After a telephone call, I feel so drained.  I just want to mope.

How much easier not to have to force anything by simply having long periods of silence.  The longer, the better.




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