A Question About God

I had a question about God, so I thought I would ask my religious friend, Mary.

“Mary” is not her real name.  I thought I would use “Mary” because this name has some significance in Christianity.

Mary is a Christian.  Unlike a lot of my Christian friends, Mary never preaches at me or tries to convert me.  She believes that her life is her sermon, and she preaches by example.  I have never heard her say anything bad about people, whether or not they are Christians.  She tries to be like God and love unconditionally.

The other day I asked Mary, “Is God with me all the time?”

“Yes,” she said.

“So, there isn’t a time when God is not with me?”

“That’s correct.”

“But I don’t always feel that God is with me.”

“Gary, think of God as a bright light in a room.  If you are in this room and close your eyes, then you will think that you are standing in darkness.  God is light.  When you achieve a certain awareness, it is like opening your eyes and seeing the light.”

“So whether I am aware of it or not, God is with me all the time?”


“Well, if God is with me all the time, then how come God never offers to pay when I order in or go out to a restaurant?”

Mary never said anything, but her smirk and her tilted head said, “Smartass.”  And then she spoke, “I think you know the answer to your question.”

And suddenly I did.  The answer miraculously popped in my head.  Was this proof that God is always with me and telling me things if I am willing to listen?

“I know!”  I said.  “God never offers to pay because He or She has no use for cash, and does not carry a credit card.”

“Sounds good to me,” said Mary as she shook her head.


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