What I Saw In Christie Pits Today

Christie Pits is a park near where I live.  I pass it while on my to the Christie Subway station.

I saw a woman sunbathing while topless.  She was alone on a hill leading down to the park from Christie Street.  Other people near her were sunbathing, too, but no one was paying attention to her.

At one time, the police would have arrested her.  Now, her being topless was no big deal — at least while sunbathing on a hill in Christie Pits.

I suppose she could still get into trouble over social distancing.  Her boobs were not 6ft (2m) apart.


I saw two dog-walkers allowing their dogs to greet each other.  The dogs sniffed each other’s butts.

What if butt-sniffing was how humans greeted each other?  Like dogs, humans would sniff butts to gather information.

Then, of course, there would be etiquette books on the proper and polite ways for humans to sniff butts.  Perhaps even a television show on how to smell a butt.  And let us not forget the diversity-racial-bias courses on which employers would send their employees. That way, the employees would be sensitive to how people from other cultures sniffed butts.

Dogs are superior to humans in this respect: Dogs do not need books, tv shows, and courses on how to sniff butts.


I saw a man, perhaps in his forties, walking and blowing bubbles.  There were no children with him, and I saw no children nearby.  He was smiling and walking alone and blowing bubbles.

Good for him!  There was an adult not afraid of what people would think while he played the way he did when he was a kid.

I remembered how I would keep a bubble-blowing kit in my car way back when I owned one.  Whenever I got stuck in a traffic jam, I would open the window and blow bubbles.  It stopped me from getting angry and stressed.  And other times, I would park my car just to blow bubbles.

No matter how old we get, play is an essential activity for mental health.  No matter what activity playing takes, perfection and skill level are not important; having fun is.

Perhaps if more adults put aside their inhibitions and played like children, then the government would not have to deem liquor and marijuana stores as essential so that they could remain open during The Plague.
















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