Some of My Best Friends Are Green


Beauty is the eye of the beholder.  It has been there since the 3rd century BC.  Someone should tell Beauty that it is okay to leave and go somewhere else.

A garden looks nice with flowers, but a garden does not look not nice with flowers and weeds.  Flowers are not any better than weeds.  I do not have the right to tell a weed, “You do not belong here.  I am going to kill you.”

I do not know the origin of this attitude about weeds.  I have always had it.  I always felt sorry for weeds because they have as much right to exist as flowers.  The same applies to bugs in my place.  When I see one, I do not kill it.  I find some way of escorting it out.

If I had a garden, then I would let it grow wild.  The same applies to a lawn.  Cutting grass is an assault, and pulling weeds is murder.

So, do not ask me to cut your grass and weed your garden.  Some of my best friends are green.







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