Violating Community Standards

On July 12, 2012, eight years ago, I posted a picture of a flock of sheep with the following quote:

What luck for rulers that men do not think.

                                   – Adolph Hitler

On June 17, 2020, I received an email that Facebook had removed the post because . . .

Your post goes against our Community Standards on dangerous individuals and organizations . . .

. . . We have these standards to prevent and disrupt offline harm.

We use either technology or a review team to remove anything that doesn’t follow our standards as quickly as possible.  [My emphasis.]

As quickly as possible?  Eight years?

It is a good thing Facebook acted as quickly as possible and prevented this quote from causing “offline harm.”  By removing something in 2020 that I posted in 2012, Facebook made the world a better place.

Does this quote promote hatred?  Violence?  Genocide?  Obviously, Facebook has a problem with who said it.  And to be accurate, there is no evidence proving that German man said it.  But the quote has been attributed to him.  It certainly explains his rise to power.  (I did not mention that German man’s name because I do not want to cause offline harm.)

To update that German man’s quote:

What luck for governments that people do not think.

Although it does not promote hatred, violence, or genocide, it is a dangerous quote.  It is dangerous to the authorities, governments, and Big Brother who do not want people to think.



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