On Having Sex

An article in this week’s NOW Magazine mentioned a recent Harvard study.  This study suggested people wear masks and avoid kissing during sex.   Uh?  I did not believe what I was reading and checked online.  Sure enough, it was true.

Researchers at Harvard University found that having sex poses some risk for transmitting COVID-19 between partners. They recommended wearing a face mask during sexual intercourse.
(Toronto Sun, June 3, 2020)

“Having sex poses some risk for transmitting COVID-19 between partners.”?  Really?  Imagine that!  Having sex posing a risk for transmitting a disease.  Wow!

The researchers also recommend not kissing or engaging in any oral-to-anal act “or anything that involves semen or urine.” Showering afterward and sanitizing areas with disinfectants post-coitus were also encouraged.

Were the Harvard researchers rocket scientists before conducting this study?  Was this study necessary?  Is sex not the Queen of Activities for Disease Transmission?  If you are concerned about catching COVID-19, or any other disease, should sex be on your list of things to do?

I can understand avoiding urine during sex, no golden showers, but how do you avoid semen?  Does not semen have a lot to do with the purpose of having sex?

How much fun can sex be while wearing masks and not kissing and disinfecting the area immediately after?  That means no free play during sex, and no cuddling afterward.  That is too rigid and clinical for me.

The Harvard rocket-science researchers recommend abstinence or masturbation as alternative ways for sex to lessen the risk of getting COVID-19.  Gosh, how did they arrive at that conclusion?







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