Random Thoughts on Midsummer’s Eve

“Midsummer Eve” by Edward Robert Hughes (November 5, 1851 – April 23, 1914)

Midsummer’s Eve!  A night of magic and enchantment.  Do my random thoughts reflect this?


I still get yelled at for asking questions.  The people who yell at me never question anything.  They tell me to stop asking “stupid questions” and just do what I am told.  These people never have to worry about washing their brains; The Authorities do it for them.


If I saw a fairy, then I would ask this question: “Do you believe in people?”
I do not know what I would do if the fairy replied, “No.”


Can happiness buy money?


Someone told me that I have rocks in my head.  Where did these rocks come from?  An intelligent mountain?  And why would rocks want to stay in my head?  It must be fun for them in there.  Are there any fairies in the rocks in my head?


Is there a fairy, in Fairyland, thinking random thoughts?   Do other fairies yell at this fairy for asking questions?  Does this fairy have rocks in his or her head?


Methinks we live in a world where nonsense makes sense.



Looking over these random thoughts makes me ask, “How well do I know nothing?”


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