Two Rainbows


Just before 8:00 pm, I was walking south on Dufferin from Bloor towards the Dufferin Mall.  The sun was shining in the west, but dark rain clouds hovered above and to the east.  With the sun still shining, it started to rain.  It was not a heavy or steady rain that required an umbrella.  The Rain Gods spit here, and there, and everywhere.  Neither I nor the ground got wet.

Suddenly, a rainbow appeared.  I have only seen parts of rainbows, but never stretching as a semicircle from horizon to horizon.  I could not capture the entire rainbow in one picture with my cell phone.

As if this was not enough to impress me, a second rainbow appeared above the first one!  It was more visible than seen in the pictures below.
















What a show!  I have never seen two rainbows appear like that.  I felt euphoric.  I also felt that seeing the two rainbows was a good omen for change and good fortune.

How interesting that when I googled double rainbows, the meaning was similar to what I had felt.

Soon, the gray clouds disappeared taking with them the rainbows.  What was left?  A blue sky and some clouds.  How ephemeral life is!,arc%20signifies%20the%20spiritual%20realm.





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