God Does Therapy



Poor God!  There was a time when he was The Almighty.  There was a time when he was All-Powerful.  There was a time when his will was done on Earth as well as Heaven.

Not anymore.  Doctors replaced God. They knew more than God, and started running the universe.

“I knew something was wrong,” God said to his therapist, “when it was my will that John Smith dies from Covid-19.  I was all ready to receive John Smith’s soul when John Smith, following his doctor’s advice, used hand sanitizer.  John Smith did not die!  The hand sanitizer was more powerful than my will.  And he is still alive, which messes up my plan for the universe.   John Smith was one of many who did not die according to my will.  So many times, doctors have stopped people from dying.  It was their time to die, but the doctors saved them.  The immune system and natural remedies I gave humans no longer work.  Now, only surgical masks and prescribed medicine work.  I feel so powerless.  I feel so worthless.  I don’t know what to do.”

And then God started to cry.

After a period of not saying anything, and allowing God to have a good cry, God’s therapist said, “Normally I do not give advice.  I listen to patients and have them come to their conclusions as to how to deal with their issues.  But in your case, God, I am going to make some suggestions.  Don’t feel obligated that you have to follow my advice.  Decide for yourself what you think is best for you.”

God stopped crying and sat up on the couch to listen.

“Walk away from the universe,” said God’s therapist.  “Walk away.  You are not abandoning the universe. You are leaving it to doctors to run and do what is best for human beings.  Find a void somewhere and create another universe, perhaps a universe without human beings.  See how that works.”

God smiled as he left his therapist’s office.  The depression and feelings of worthlessness were gone.

“Where can I find a void?” he thought. “No matter.  If I can’t find a void, then I will create one.”


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