So Far, So Good

Just over the past week, I have had similar telephone conversations with four different friends.  These friends kept asking whether I was okay.  They do not know each other, but all asked the same questions:

“How are you doing, Gary?”

“Are you sure?  Is everything okay?
“Yeah, everything is fine as far as I know.”
“You’re sure that you’re okay?”
“Yes, I am fine.”
“Nothing is wrong?  You’re okay?”
“Yes, I am fine.”

Four different friends probed me about my health.  The last of these conversations happened last Saturday, June 27th.

On Sunday evening, June 28th, my daughter calls me to tell me that she had a dream that I had died.  And then she asked, “Are you okay?”

“Yes, as far as I know.”

“Are you sure that you’re okay?”

I then told her how she sounded like the four friends I had spoken to the past week.

Should I be concerned?  Four friends grill me about my health, and then my daughter tells me that she had a dream that I had died.

I am fine.  Of course, I could be like the man who jumped out of a tall building.  As he passed each floor, people heard him say, “So far, so good.”



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