Not All About Heat


Toronto is in the midst of a heatwave.  It is so hot in Toronto that Satan was seen buying some property.  He is thinking about relocating.


“Why did the omelet cross the road?”
“I dunno.”
“It was trying to catch up to the chicken that laid it.”


“How many light bulbs burn out during a heatwave?”
“How many?”
“All of them.”

“Knock.  Knock.”
“Who’s there?”
“Humidity who?”
“Humidity.  Just humidity.”
“Really?  It’s not the heat?”


“It’s so hot in Toronto.”
“How hot is it?”
“It’s so hot:

     – Dog days are buying air conditioning

     – Cinderella’s glass slippers melted

     – Women’s hot flashes have been renamed cold flashes

     – Heaven became Hell which confused the inhabitants

     – Caterpillars are requesting fans for their cocoons

     – Ghosts will only haunt refrigerators

     – even the water is thirsty

     – firetrucks are catching on fire.











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