The Days of My Life

Today, July 8th, is the last day the sun will set at 9:00 pm.  Tomorrow, July 9th, it will set at 8:59 pm.  From June 23rd to June 29th, the sun set at 9:03 pm.  On June 30th, it dropped to 9:02 pm.  By July 31st, the sun will set at 8:40 pm.

I love the long days.  I can get more done when the sun sets after 9:00 pm.  I am not as motivated when the sun sets late afternoon during the Winter.  No matter.  Soon Spring comes with longer days.  And so the cycle goes.

How hard it is for me to believe that there is no life after death.  Everything in the universe goes in cycles.  Things never end.  Why would life be different?  Why would life start at one point and then stop at another?

The days of my life are getting shorter.  Who knows when the shortest day will come?  To everything, there is a season . . .





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