Safe or Unsafe

There is no agreement amongst doctors as to whether masks are effective.  Also, doctors cannot agree as to whether the masks are harmful.  I am not concerned with how effective the masks are, but I am concerned about the harmful effects of breathing exhaled air.

Since masks became mandatory on public transit, I have been a good comrade and worn a mask.  One thing I have noticed while riding the subways and buses: none of the subway and bus drivers are wearing masks.  I have not been on any streetcars to see whether the streetcar drivers are wearing masks.  But on the subways and buses, the drivers are not.  The subway guards, who open and close the doors, wear masks.

Why?  Is the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) concerned about drivers breathing exhaled air?  Some people report that wearing a mask for an extended period causes them to feel dizzy, drowsy, and get headaches.  Is this why the TTC does not force its drivers to wear masks?  Can you imagine the lawsuit if a driver caused an accident because he or she passed out from wearing a mask?

Too many TTC drivers are not wearing masks for it to be a coincidence.  I wonder why.



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