President Trump on Roswell

Roswell Daily Record July 8, 1947 (RAAF – Roswell Army Air Field)


I used to think that a crashed flying saucer at Roswell was nonsense.  I changed my mind after reading several books about Roswell.

One of the things that caused me to change my mind was the headline and then its retraction in the Roswell Daily Record.  Major Jesse Marcel brought to the army base some debris from a farm near Roswell.  The Commanding Officer,  Colonel William Blanchard, told the public information officer, Walter Haut, to draft a press release about the army capturing a “flying disc.”  The next day, July 9, 1947, after a visit from high-ranking army personnel, the army retracted its story and said that it was a weather balloon that had crashed and not a flying saucer.  They ordered Major Marcel to pose with a picture of a weather balloon.


The U.S. government wants us to believe that Colonel Blanchard and Major Marcel did not know the difference between a weather balloon and a flying saucer.  Also, we are not to believe the many witnesses who said that they saw alien bodies and a crashed spaceship.

Seventy-three years after Roswell, President Donald Trump said that he knows some “very interesting” things about Roswell.  When pressed, he said that he would “think” about declassifying information.

What could be “very interesting” about a weather balloon?  What information about it still needs to be classified after 73 years?

I have some swampland for sale on Mars.  Is anyone interested in buying it?




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