Treating Us Like Children

The Sunday Mirror‘s headline is a wasted request.  It is natural for The Authorities to treat us like children because they see us as people who are not capable of thinking for ourselves.

Everywhere you go, you hear repeating announcements about wearing face masks, handwashing, and social distancing.  Repetition is a technique of brainwashing.

Signs in washrooms tell us how to wash our hands and to do so for 20 seconds.  Does the virus hover near the sink while holding a stopwatch?
“Oh, look!” says the virus.  “He only washed for 19.5 seconds.  We can still stay on his hands!”


If we are not capable of knowing what to do when we are sick, then it is too late for us to see this sign on a subway or a bus after we have left our homes.

This sign, and others like it, suggest that we need The Authorities to tell us what to do and what to think.  And the more we obey The Authorities, the more they will continue to treat us like children by telling us what to do and what to think.

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