This Title Is Meaningless

I always had problems in high school, trying to figure out how the title related to a novel, play, or poem.  For example, I never did figure out why William Shakespeare called his play Romeo and Juliet.  This play was about a Danish prince whose uncle murdered his father, and the prince procrastinated over what to do about it.  Why would Shakespeare call this play Romeo and Juliet?

I called this blog “This Title Is Meaningless” to save anyone the trouble of trying to see a connection between the title and the blog.

This blog consists of unconnected ideas that my shower had while it was taking me.


When I was a kid, my dream was not to play for the Toronto Maple Leafs.  I am so happy my dream came true.


I am trying to save money, but I cannot find any that is in danger.


It is okay if you do not know anything.  You have a right to be stupid.


Inner Peace is okay for a while, but then it gets boring.


A paperclip walked into a bar and the bartender said, “What will it be?”
And the paperclip said, “I don’t know.”
“That’s okay,” said the bartender.  “You have a right to be stupid.”
“Thank you,” said the paperclip.


Some paper walked into the bar and saw the paperclip sitting alone.  The paper immediately sat down beside the paperclip.
“Do you come here often?” asked the paper.
“No,” said the paperclip.  “This is the first time I walked into a bar joke.”
“Can I buy you a drink?” ask the paper.
“Okay,” said the paperclip.  “I’ll have whatever you’re having.”
The paper said to the bartender, “Can you bring us two Paper Plane Cocktails, please?”
The bartender brought two Paper Plane Cocktails.  The paper and the paperclip got into one of the cocktails and flew out of the bar.  The bartender turned to me and said, “This is ridiculous!  Paper picking up a paperclip in a bar? No punchline? And I have no lines and it’s my bar.  Why don’t you end it?”

I thought about how the title of this blog was meaningless; that the last joke had no punchline and the bartender had no lines.  Does it matter that I suddenly end the blog as the bartender suggested?

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