Vending Machines For What?

If—IF—COVID-19 is manmade, then the people who made it have shares in companies that make face masks, hand sanitizers, and vending machines.

Can you believe it?  This COVID-19 vending machine is inside the subway entrance at Yonge and Eglinton in Toronto.  Look how the machine is nicely decorated with colorful viruses.  Seeing these colorful viruses enhances the whole vending-machine experience, doesn’t it?

An organic face mask?  What the hell is that?  A face mask that has not been sprayed with pesticides?  Is it healthier to wear an organic face mask, rather than a regular face mask?

What about the chemicals in the hand sanitizers?  Are these chemicals better for us than the germs we encounter every day that help to strengthen our immune systems?

So, if you forget to stay safe when you leave home, then you can find a COVID-19 vending machine and stay safe by buying a face mask and hand sanitizer.  Then you can relax with the thought that nothing, not even kryptonite or organic gazoonies, can harm you.  (I have no idea what organic gazoonies are.  Being organic means that they have not been sprayed with face masks.)

How come staying safe usually involves spending money?

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