The Joys of Getting Older


I do not remember going to the bathroom so much when I was younger.  As I age, my bladder and bowels think that my life is all about them. They think that I have nothing else to do except look after their needs.  Why can’t they be less needy?

“What do you do for a living, Gary?”
“I go to the bathroom.”

Alas,  Life is all about going to the bathroom—plus a few distractions.

I like seeing happy couples in happy relationships.  But this does not include my joints and muscles in relationships with aches and pains.  For years, my joints and muscles were comfortable being single.  Not anymore.  Now they are in serious relationships with aches and pains, and vow never to be single again.

My memory.  I cannot forget my memory.  How much easier and easier it is for me to get distracted and forget what I was about to do.  And then I get distracted while I was distracted while I was distracted.  I forget about several things that I was about to do.

Wow!  What a lovely sunset.

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