Resistance to Writing


. . . Resistance to writing, one of the great natural forces of nature.  It may be called The Law of Delay: that writing which can be delayed, will be.  Teachers and writers too often consider resistance to writing evil, when, in fact, it is necessary.

When I get an idea for a poem or article . . . I feel myself consciously draw away from it.  I seek procrastination and delay.  There must be time for the seed of the idea to be nurtured in the mind.  Far betters writers than I have felt the same way.  Over his writing desk, Franz Kafka had one word, “Wait.”  William Wordsworth talked of the writer’s “wise passiveness.”  Naturalist Anne Dillard recently said, “I’m waiting.  I usually get my ideas in November, and I start writing in January.  I’m waiting.”

                                         Don Murray

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