Simple Joys

In yesterday’s blog, I mentioned how much joy I feel when using a duplicate key that works as well as the original key.  Here are some other simple things that bring me joy:


I am playing every day when I shave.  Using a small pot as my mug and a shaving brush, I become a little boy playing with my daddy’s shaving stuff.  What joy brushing that white gunk on my head and face and then scraping it off!  It is a bonus that I also scrape off newly-grown hair.

Urinating In Bed 

Do not get the wrong idea.  It is not the way it sounds.
You are asleep in a toasty-warm bed.  You awaken because you have to pee.  How horrible to have to leave your toasty-warm bed to go to the bathroom.

I keep a “pee bottle” by my bed.  What joy to stay in my toasty-warm bed and experience relief without having to get up!

Several female friends have told me, “If you were sleeping with me, then I would not allow you to do such a filthy thing!  You’d have to get up and go to the bathroom.”

And this brings me to another joy:

Being Single 

There are times when I wish I had a partner, but mostly I am okay with being alone.  What joy there is in autonomy!  And it helps that I enjoy my own company.

My life is simple with its simple joys.  I play with keys and locks.  I play when I shave.  And I can pee while in bed.  Does life get any better than that?

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