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Minnie and Chic married such a long time ago on September 6th.  Their wedding certificate is a stone tablet.  It is currently on display at the Royal Ontario Museum.

Minnie and Chic are the authors of my blood.  I talked about their wedding anniversary with my younger sister.  I said that weddings have nothing to do with marriage.  My sister agreed, and then she continued,

“As a girl growing up, you have all kinds of thoughts about romance and love and marriage.  Your thoughts do not change as a young woman.    After you get engaged, you start planning your wedding.

“For a whole year of planning, you are the center of attention.  People fuss over you.  You plan the style and colors of the Maid of Honor and bridesmaids’ dresses.  You plan this, and you arrange that.  And then the wedding day comes, and you are too stressed out to enjoy it.  Every woman I know has said how she was too stressed out to enjoy her wedding day.

“And then you go away on your honeymoon.  And when you get back, you are no longer the center of attention.  People no longer make a fuss over you.  Now you have the everyday monotony of being married, which has nothing to do with all the expenses and planning that went into your wedding day.

“What is the point of spending all that money and planning on one day—one day!—that you will not enjoy and has nothing to do with marriage?”

I do not know about how much planning went into their wedding, but Minnie and Chic did not spend any money.  Their wedding took place before money was invented.

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I am Minnie and Chic's son.

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