Of Masks and Mob Madness and Puppet Masters



If I wear a mask with my nose and mouth covered, then I will have a panic attack.  I feel I am suffocating.  I am okay if I cover my mouth and leave my nose exposed.

When challenged by the prison guards, in the public prisons popping up all over the place, the prison guards back off once they hear my explanation.

When I got on the subway today at 4:30 pm, I saw an older lady glaring at me.  She and Albert Einstein have the same hairdresser.

She had big brown eyes surrounded by large round black glasses.  These glasses rested on her long hook nose.  She looked like an owl.


I said she looked like an owl.  Imagine an owl with Albert Einstein’s hair.

I sat across from her and ignored her glaring at me.

“Excuse me?” she said.  “Please pull your mask up to cover your nose.”

I pretended not to hear her.

“That’s right!” she shouted.  “Ignore me.  You don’t care that you are gonna kill all the people on the subway!  You don’t care.  You’re gonna kill all the people on the subway!”

Mob madness says that I have a killer virus.  It is not killing me, but it will kill all the people on the subway because my nose is not covered.

“Lady,” I said, “if I cover my nose and mouth, then I will panic because I feel I am suffocating.”

“Well, you should have a face covering, blah, blah, blah . . . “

She continued to lecture me, but I ignored her.  Nearby passengers gave me a look as if to say that they disapproved of her actions.  One man sarcastically shouted, “Lady, call the police and have him arrested.”  She lectured me until I got off at my stop.

From where does mob madness come?  To put it bluntly, mob madness comes from having the shit scared out of you.

From the beginning, The Puppet Masters have used the media to scare us with the way the media reported on the virus.  Fear is a great way to control the masses.  No force is necessary.  Scare us enough, and we will gladly give up our civil liberties and conform.  “We will do anything you say, Master.  Just protect us and keep us safe.”

The Puppet Masters have gone out of their way to censor any dissenting voices.  Facebook and Twitter accounts suspended.  YouTube channels taken down.  “We will decide what information is good for you.  We will tell you how to behave and what to think.  We will keep you safe.  Just do what you are told.”

God help us if we do not obey.  Immediately the media reports a surge in virus cases.  “See?  You’re causing an increase in cases because you are not doing what you are told.  People could die because of you.”

What constitutes a case of COVID-19?  Are the tests accurate?  At one time, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) admitted that its tests were not accurate.


Have they corrected this problem?  Have governments and media ever lied?

The answers do not matter.  There is so much mob madness out there that no amount of logic and thinking and questioning will change anything.

I heard this from Marvin Gaye, and he said that he heard it through the grapevine:  The Puppet Masters are planning one helluva a “second wave.”  There may not be an actual second wave, but there will be the perception of a second wave just like there is the perception of a killer virus.  Because The Puppet Masters control the statistics, they control the perception.  Watch the surge in COVID-19 cases get labelled as the “second wave.”

This significant second wave will take away more civil liberties.  It will justify major lockdowns and more laws.  We will gladly allow these things to happen because we are afraid and want The Puppet Masters to keep us safe.

Mob madness will rule.  And billions of Owl Ladies will be running around lecturing people, who are not following the rules, and telling them that they are going to kill all the people on the planet.

Merry Christmas!

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