A Cold Wind*


A cold wind blew in July which did not make sense because it was January.  It had not been July for six months.

The cold July wind stopped the clocks from melting.  It would have been nice if the cold July wind could have stopped Time.  Stopping Time would have given people a chance to catch up on their Spring cleaning and repeal the Law of Gravity.  But the cold July wind did not stop Time.  Time continued running like China in a bull shop.

People stopped buying items made in China because those items smelled like bull shop.

Covid-19 was made in China.  Some health experts claim that Covid-19 smells like bull shop.  Other governmental health experts claim that Covid-19 does not smell like bull shop.  Confusing?  Not really.  Just agree with the governmental and nongovernmental health experts.

“Who are the government’s health experts?”

No one we elected.

“What do the government’s health experts have to say about a cold July wind blowing in January?”

They say what The Puppet Masters tell them to say.

“Did the cold July wind blowing in January come from The Puppet Masters?”

Of course.  That is why it did not make sense.  Almost everything comes from The Puppet Masters.

“Almost everything?  What doesn’t come from The Puppet Masters?”

Common sense and freedom.



* A Cold Wind won 3.14159th prize in the 2021 Surreal Pi Baking and Fishing Contest






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