I cannot find anything about Faboom on Google, but it was not a thorough search.

Faboom was a cartoon character, and I saw his cartoons when I was a child.  I believe Faboom was a little Eskimo boy.  I know the word Eskimo is no longer politically correct.  In that case, Faboom was an indigenous child of the polar regions.

All Faboom said was, “FABOOM!”  But when he said it, his voice was so powerful that it could knock over buildings, make tunnels through mountains and large holes in the ground.

I thought about Faboom today after two Bull Terriers tried to attack me.

The two Bull Terriers shared one leash with two collars.  The woman holding the leash talked to a teenage girl on the southwest corner of a sidestreet near Ossington and Bloor.  I was coming from the east, walking west.  I approached the southwest corner from the southeast corner.

The dogs were standing watching me approach.  They looked peaceful.  As I stepped off the southeast corner to cross the road, the dogs broke away from the woman with the leash dragging behind them.  They growled and barked and charged at me.  Without thinking, I raised my left hand to a stop position and screamed, “HEYYYYYYYYY!”  I acted purely on instinct.

Well!  Both dogs stopped.  I did not see any poop on the road from them, but there should have been from the expressions on their faces.  Then they turned and fled.

The woman chased after them.  She caught up to them when they were a good distance away and started walking back towards the teenage girl and me.

What happened to the vicious dogs who were going to attack me?  All I saw was two terrified Bull Terriers.  They were not growling and did not even give the hint of a timid bark.

The woman apologized profusely, and I told her it was okay because I was not upset.  I did not tell her that I was experiencing a natural high.  Wow!  I felt euphoric over the power of my voice and floated the rest of my walk.

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